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Ocean Decade Newsletter Ground Breaking expedition with Dr. Marignani, Chief Scientist, Sea Women Expedition.

CTV News  Nova Scotia breast cancer researcher receives $250K grant

Saltwire Halifax Researcher targets recurring breast cancer.

City News 95.7 The Todd Veinotte Show (7.05 minute mark)

The Coast; Meet the local scientist changing the narrative for cancer.

CKDU-FM Dalhousie U Campus Radio Interview–  Breast Cancer Society of Canada Funding to Marignani Lab

Marignani Discovery Research Laboratory awarded Breast Cancer Society of Canada Funding

Dr. Marignani wins prestigious Canadian Cancer Society-Excellence in Cancer Research Fund

Dr. Marignani joins Creative Destruction Lab as a Mentor Scientist

Gene Expression Omnibus; scRNAseq dataset

Canadian Cancer Research Alliance Conference 2021: Dr. Marignani to give Keynote talk during Tomorrow’s Cancer Therapies Today. 

New Frontiers Research Fund-Exploration

CTV   Breast Cancer Society of Canada One Million Steps


Breast Cancer Society of Canada Dress For the Cause CTV Interview October 2020

Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation Celebration

Soapbox Science 2018

Global TV Soapbox Science, Halifax June 16, 2018

Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation Personalized Medicine

CTV-Halifax  Soapbox Science, Halifax June 16, 2018

ICI-Radio Canada January 20, 2018 Construire un pipeline de médecine de précision


CBC PEI  Cancer Researcher at Dalhousie are custom-fitting cancer treatments

Precision Medicine treatment for cancer

Global News DMRF Molly Appeal Dr. Marignani and Bethune

Dalhousie News Precision Medicine for improving cancer outcomes

CBC Information Morning: Changing the cancer narrative.

The Chronicle Herald  Comment on BRCA1 breast cancer discovery from Yale group

The Chronicle Herald  DMRF Molly Appeal For Cancer Research Dr. Marignani

CTV News DMRF Molly Appeal For Cancer Research

CBC Information Morning: Human Embryo Gene-editing

CBC Information Morning  Gene-Editing

CTV National

Common over-the-counter medications-anti-cancer immunity

Stem Cell Foundation

Global TV

Dalhousie News

Radio Canada International

Canada AM with Marci Ien

Global News

Dr. Feng Zhang, Picchione Scholar

Turning off the Power

CTV National

The Chronicle Herald

The Windsor Star

The Sheldon MacLeod Radio Show

Youtube- Sustainable Energy: More than a pipeline; a target for novel therapeutics.

Preventing Chemotherapy-Induced Hearing Loss

Prior to 2014 *some links are not longer active.

Progress Media

Precision Medicine for the treatment of breast cancer

Cancer Care Nova Scotia

Going that extra mile

Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia

Dalhousie Cancer Research Program